2019 interview with Socrates: ‘Relax, humans. Virtue will win when its season comes. Neither underestimate nor overestimate your co-creative power.’ (10 of ?)

Continuing our ongoing “interviews” (see below for 1-9), at Socrates’ request I agree to enter a Star Trek-like holodeck, dressed in ancient Greek toga and wearing sturdy sandals. The door opens to Ancient Greece, with Socrates grinning just on the other side. I step through the door and am immersed in that environment.
Warning: We speak the language of those “corrupting the young” and “offending the gods.”
Socrates:(full laugh, gesturing around at the Agora on a warm Spring morning) Do you like it? It’s taken from my own Life Record, and I can visit anytime! 
Carl:(looking, then walking to Socrates for a hearty Bro hug) I love it. What do you mean taken from your Life Record? Oh, thanks so much for inviting me to talk. Feel free to interject. Otherwise, I’ll have a lot of questions (looking around in interest).
Socrates: (chuckling) I’m in no hurry, as usual. A Life Record is something we all generate: a perfect recording of what happened at and around our incarnations. This is another r…