2-minute bottom-line to 3-hour full briefing videos: .01% arrests over 72 hours between April 1-10. ‘3 Days of Darkness’ to shut-down Internet/phones except Emergency Broadcasts + 911. Repeating 8-hour official televised briefings of .01% War Crimes + Satanist child-trafficking to follow

I hope this report is my last about Q before public emergence through .01% criminal arrests for OBVIOUS crimes centered in war, looting, and child trafficking that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions (see documentation below). 
The following three videos are from insiders I trust for good-faith work on factual presentations. They, and other sources, claim the following: Covid-19 is a .01% failed pandemic to wrest back control from White Hats for global domination.White Hats are using this false flag virus with “shelter in place” in order to arrest .01% criminals. This timing is best for White Hats because it freezes .01% criminal suspects and protects large groups of humans from distracting and revenge false flag attacks in crowded cities, sporting events, concerts, schools, etc.US military is deployed for arrests, with support in NYC and L.A. of prison ships disguised as hospital ships, or perhaps to help the literal thousands of imprisoned trafficked children..01…

Federal Reserve nationalized? Treasury Dept through the President can now directly invest in infrastructure?? Is this the breakthrough with public banking and monetary reform worth ~$1,000,000 per US household???

Q posted a link to a Bloomberg opinion-piece walking through the mechanics of the “stimulus” policy. The game-changer is that Treasury is now calling the shots rather than the Fed. This seems to effectively nationalize the Fed, which means the power to create what we use for money is apparently now in the Executive Branch of the federal government.
This is what Milton Friedman recommended as his #1 structural change to improve the US economy. Friedman argued over his career that this is the most important change because it transfers power from a privately-owned institution of what became “too big to fail” banks who only had the capacity to create what we use for money as debt, to also having the power to create debt-free money for direct public investment of infrastructure. As we know: to the extent money created from nothing functions as an investment returning more economic output than investment cost, we see triple benefits of upgraded infrastructure, jobs up to full employment, and…