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2018 interview with Socrates: What is ‘evil’? How should ‘good’ people respond? How are YOU responding to good and evil? (7 of ?)

“We cannot fix the exact point at which our empire shall stop; we have reached a position in which we must not be content with retaining but must scheme to extend it, for, if we cease to rule others, we are in danger of being ruled.”  ~ Alcibiades in 415 BC according to Thucydides, arguing for Athenian empire similar to current US “leadership” rhetoric today for more war in Syria, Iran, etc., etc., etc.language warning: Socrates and I speak in the same direct language that caused his execution for “corrupting the young.”
Socrates(arms open, broad genuine smile): Carl! Welcome back!
Carl: Soc! (bro hug)
S: How may I be of service?
C: I’ve been contemplating the meaning of Life(and here), Soc, and wanted to include you in this public inquiry. I know we’ve discussed this before, with your emphasis that the purpose of Life on Earth is exercising virtue for growth, truth, and service. 
I’ve been considering our .01% opponents for lying, looting, illegal rogue state empire, and the role they pla…