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58-minute video: National school safety expert who trained 43 of 67 Florida counties including Parkland HS: class-action lawsuit for no trauma helicopters, medical first responders/police ordered to stand down and NOT ENTER, two teachers/6 students saw full-combat police shooting students & teachers, 22 video cameras with useless 27-minute ‘delay’ not released, admin told teachers THAT MORNING of active shooter drill then did Orwellian-opposites of all protocol

Lift the Veil’s powerful 58-minute interview of National School Safety expert, Wolfgang Halbig, who trained 43 of Florida’s 67 counties in active school shooter safety protocol, including Parkland High School:

I wrote on this last week with more detailed facts and interview with Mr. Halbig that include these points: The school’s CCTV system is designed for school security to have visuals for school safety, obviously. However, this school claims to have chosen to create a 27-minute delay in the visual feed that is obviously criminal negligence defeating the primary purpose of instant visuals.Three sheriffs and one armed security guard waited outside the school during gunfire (herehere) in criminal negligence and failure to perform their primary duty of their jobs. This is confirmed as intentional in released radio broadcast. One officer lied in his attorney's statement that he thought gunfire was outside the school buildings because released radio has him stating gunfire within the…


By Jack Murray (bio below)
Most people are law abiding and support their police. Most assume that they have the protection of the laws defined in the US Constitution, state constitutions and codified by legislatures. You may not realize that a person in church or your neighbor is actually part of the Gestapo: the one who tells you he is a “federal agent,” and exhibits a secretive and strange sort of friendly demeanor. He isn't there to protect your rights. He is protecting the ancient rights of the King.
Local and state laws are enforced by local and state authorities, with federal laws by Federal agencies, such as the FBI.
English Common Law protected the individual from invasion by his overlords. It stated that no matter how humble it may be, “a man's home is his castle and neither the King nor his men shall enter.” It is known as the “Castle Doctrine.”  This is a principle on which the right of self defense exists. In most states that right is extended to a person's normal…

Open letter to school boards, teachers’ unions, families: Funding crisis for all public goods & services already solved by Ben Franklin with monetary reform and public banking, backed by Thomas Edison, 86% of Economics professors

In fields of specialized knowledge, we aim to render an account that is plain and simple, yet does no violence to the difficulty of the subject, so that the uninformed reader can understand us while the expert cannot fault us. We try to keep in mind a saying attributed to Einstein—that everything must be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.  ~ A letter from the publisher, Time Magazine, 1962
This is an open letter that I will share with leaderships within my own school board and teachers’ union. I will follow-up with their responses.
Colleagues and I presenting this data have written and presented at professional international economic conferences and have zero challenges to this information, such as this 2015 paper to ~2,000 people at an international economics conference at The Claremont Colleges, and this 2012 paper

I can also factually assert that I work with ~2,000 Advanced Placement Economics teachers through our discussion board, and that no colleague has ever ch…