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The one article you need to prove current US wars are lie-started Wars of Aggression not even close to lawful self-defense, war-murder millions, loot trillions, and require YOUR voice for .01% arrests

“It is no use trying to escape their arrogance by submission or good behavior. Robbers of the world, having by universal plunder exhausted the land, their drive is greed. If the enemy be rich, they are rapacious; if poor, they lust for domination. Neither rule of the East nor West can satisfy them. Alone among men, they crave with equal eagerness poverty and riches. To plunder, slaughter, seize with false pretenses, they give the lying name ‘empire.’ And where nothing remains but a desert, they call that ‘peace.’ ”  ~ Tacitus, The Agricola and the Germania, on Roman Empire foreign wars in "self-defense" (analysesherehere)
The United States is the most dangerous illegal rogue state empire in human history, with escalating military armed attacks under President Trump. 
Among the damning facts: People around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three  times more dangerous than any other country.Since WW2,Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US st…