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False wars, false ‘money,’ false corporate media… nuclear false flag Super Bowl?

I’ve warned of false flag attacks at the Super Bowl and on Chicago. This is an updated warning. Hat-tips to Kevin Barrett, Mark Novitsky, and James P. Viken
Your question: If US .01% oligarchs concluded they could get away with it, would they stage a False Flag Operation (and here for abundant historical examples) at the 2018 Super Bowl to further their political agenda? Perhaps it would look like this 2-minute clip from the 2002 movie, The Sum of All Fears; with plot of a non-complicit US President and non-false flag terrorism: Considerations for your answer: History is the best tool to predict future events of specific groups’ plans. This is similar to what both Super Bowl teams do in game strategy: analysis of opponents’ history with reasonable conclusions what they’ve successfully done before, they will likely do again. But is there a US .01% oligarchy that would orchestrate a False Flag Super Bowl attack? Isn’t that beyond reason??? Not if similar acts are their history. And if you…

Q Anon’s promises? Until .01% arrests for assassinating thousands, killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions, and FULL TRUTH, ‘We the People’ must continue ‘patient activism’

Three quotes from Martin King, discussing the great gap between initial public recognition and final resolution of our greatest problems, 1968:
As elation and expectations died, (we) became more sharply aware that the goal of freedom was still distant. Our immediate plight was yet substantially an agony of deprivation.
‘If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin but he who causes the darkness.’  ~ Martin quoting Victor Hugo in that speech
I must admit I'm not totally optimistic. But I cannot accept defeat.“Q Anon” promises truth, justice, victory over US .01% psychopathic criminalsTo date, Q Anon has 566 public posts hinting at being a high-level government insider, and promising .01% arrests for ongoing crimes of the illegal US rogue state empire.
Until of the proof of actual arrests with full truth to the public of the following documented crimes (and dozens of other areas), We the People must continue forward as best we ima…