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3 videos: hidden history of ancient technology, ET involvement, modern UFO/ET disclosure. As a National Board Certified History teacher, I find zero errors of omission or commission in this explanation of Earth’s place in galactic reality

Corporate media is breaking silence from a long history of ignoring ancient technologies and evidence of ET involvement on Earth (consider here, here, here, here, here, here, here). 
The coverage is tentative, and still ignores the most powerful evidence. 
A 2-minute teaser is followed by three documentaries with some of the most powerful evidence that ancient technology surpassed what we use today, and ETs were the legends of “Gods.” I recommend for additional documentation, ZEG TV for more documentaries, and David Wilcock for perhaps cutting-edge information (much interesting testimony and circumstantial evidence suggesting future unfolding events).
As a National Board Certified Teacher of History, I find no errors of omission or commission in the following presentations. As the son and husband to engineers, and as also having a credential in Mathematics, I’ve followed for decades research that explains, documents, and proves megalithic architecture includes stonework t…

Twice-daily satellite photos over Sandy Hook show 'chemtrails' only once from 2010 to 2017: on the morning of the ‘shooting' event. Those 5840 to one odds combined with 'mothers' averaging 36 years at birth to ‘victim children' = 637 sextillion to one odds that Sandy Hook was a false flag hoax

PlasmaBurns of YouTube noticed “chemtrails” in Sandy Hook pictures, looked at satellite documentation, and discovered that twice-daily photos only had such chemtrails over Sandy Hook one morning from 2010 to 2017 (5840 days): the alleged Sandy Hook shooting. 
PlasmaBurns’ sharp catch of this data in 7 minutes:

Please note at 5:29 in the video there’s a regular contrail from a jet that immediately evaporates, as opposed to the chemtrails that expand and stay. PlasmaBurns compared the chemtrails to commercial airline flights and found zero traffic where these chemtrails were sprayed from airplanes.
This means these non-commercial airplanes had to receive government clearance to spew those chemicals over Sandy Hook that morning, and whatever government agencies were connected to that clearance are criminal accomplices with foreknowledge of the Sandy Hook event.
Importantly, because satellite imagery can detail car types and perhaps license plates, cars in the Sandy Hook parking lot can be id…

Star Wars Last Jedi: Disney kills wisdom, love & evolution to offer endless war, controlled/enslaved peoples, empty hope. Corporate media reviews: 92%, audiences 52% favorable

“How do democracies get turned into dictatorships? The democracies aren’t overthrown; they’re given away… Star Wars was really about the Vietnam War.” – George Lucas, creator of Star Wars“The (Star Wars) Empire is like America ten years from now.” –George Lucas, 1973Disney is corporate media, with corporate media and public education as propaganda arms for ongoing lying and illegal US rogue state empire. George Lucas wrote Star Wars in protest and warning that the US is the evil empire in that story. Therefore, and obviously, corporate media had to target, attack, and end that Star Wars story, and replace it with cheerleading for endless empire, endless war, and no hope for virtue.
Extraordinary claims? Let’s look at the objective evidence connecting Star Wars to our real world, then specifically at the plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Rotten Tomatoes reports corporate media reviews at 92%, while the public report 52% favorable reviews. Star Wars and real-world Earth Wars Adjusted for …