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45-minute video of top US school safety expert on Florida shooting lies: security cameras with 27-minute delay? Officers with guns stand down? Multiple students claim multiple shooters? Faculty meeting THAT MORNING warning they might have active shooter drill? 3,500 students herded into gunfire for ‘fire drill’ WITHOUT admin checking alarm???

John B. Wells interviews Wolfgang Halbig, retired law officer, school principal, and leading expert to train school districts with active shooters walks you through the damning evidence in this article’s title (45 minutes):

More points: The school’s CCTV system is designed for school security to have visuals for school safety, obviously. However, this school claims to have chosen to create a 27-minute delay in the visual feed that is obviously criminal negligence defeating the primary purpose of instant visuals.Three sheriffs and one armed security guard waited outside the school during gunfire (here, here) in criminal negligence and failure to perform their primary duty of their jobs. This is confirmed as intentional in released radio broadcast.Several students reported multiple gunmen, with a teacher claiming (and here) she saw what she initially assumed was a police officer in full combat gear firing into students and teachers. She was grazed by a bullet, and said this occurred just …

15,000 sealed indictments = .01% arrests? None in my network of experts knows. Impatient and relatively alone as humble messengers? Own that price of leadership

Work as if everything depends on us. Pray as if everything depends on God.  ~ Augustine of Hippo
In the last few months, I’ve written of sealed federal indictments totaling ~5,000, then 10,000, and now pushing 15,000 (and here at “The real story is the impending arrest of the deep state”). 
Among my network of experts in politics, economics, academics, and activists, none of us can point to objective data to demonstrate what this means. 
A best case scenario is upcoming .01% arrests for ongoing and OBVIOUS crimes annually killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions (with ongoing documentation below). A worst case scenario is upcoming arrests of leading activists as “domestic terrorists.”
Either way, or anything in-between, we simple humans can only control our  personal thoughts, words, and actions. It seems that up to now, the perhaps million people throughout the world pointing to our Emperor’s New Clothes condition of naked strutting empire are too few to do anything othe…