‘March for Our Lives’ permit filed MONTHS BEFORE Parkland school shooting + Hogg’s lies = foreknowledge + criminal conspiracy. Continuing false flags’ purpose is to conceal illegal rogue state empire annually killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions. Demanding US .01% arrests yet, or prefer disarmament to psychopaths?

According to Washington, D.C. Detective Scott Earhardt, March for Our Lives applied for a demonstration permit several months ago. Assuming accurate information, this means:

  • March for Our Lives lies on their website that “This movement is for kids and by kids. March For Our Lives organizers are the kids themselves.” They lie in their mission statement: “March For Our Lives is created by, inspired by, and led by students…We came together on March 24th…” 
  • Whoever is involved with these permits months before the alleged shooting are prime criminal suspects in the shooting.
  • According to student testimony, the US Secret Service changed the school’s emergency responses just a few weeks prior to the event. This requires criminal investigation for complicity.

Alleged student, David Hogg, is a criminal suspect for leadership in this lying March for Our Lives group, and for lying about his location at the time of the shooting by giving impossible to reconcile stories of both being at home and at school. M&M News UK’s three minutes:

Another criminal suspect is David Hogg’s father, Kevin, a "former" FBI agent and current employee of Cubic Simulation Systems, a group that includes weapon simulations in their business; that is, conducting drills to simulate real attacks (more here). If Kevin is someone taking his Oath seriously to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, he would join the investigation of how March for Our Lives filed for a public demonstration before an armed attack, how his son could be two places at once, and then address the following questions from school safety experts.

Two school safety experts claim the official story is false unless officials answer obvious questions

7 minutes of John Bouchell, former military, Florida teacher and administrator:

John B. Wells' 45-minute interview of National School Safety expert, Wolfgang Halbig, who trained 43 of Florida’s 67 counties in active school shooter safety protocol, including Parkland High School:

wrote on this with more detailed facts and interview with Mr. Halbig that include these points:
  • The school’s CCTV system is designed for school security to have visuals for school safety, obviously. However, this school claims to have chosen to create a 27-minute delay in the visual feed that is obviously criminal negligence defeating the primary purpose of instant visuals.
  • Three sheriffs and one armed security guard waited outside the school during gunfire (herehere) in criminal negligence and failure to perform their primary duty of their jobs. This is confirmed as intentional in released radio broadcast. One officer lied in his attorney's statement that he thought gunfire was outside the school buildings because released radio has him stating gunfire within the building. Moreover, SWAT team members who followed school protocol to enter the school to confront shooter(s) were suspended from duty.
  • Several students reported multiple gunmen, with a teacher claiming (and here) she saw what she initially assumed was a police officer in full combat gear firing into students and teachers. She was grazed by a bullet, and said this occurred just 20 feet from her.
  • A medical first responder reported to media he was ordered by the law enforcement commander to abandon protocol and not enter the school; to stand down.
  • At least two students are on record (herehere) that CNN scripted questions against the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, and against the Founders in the American Revolution defending their guns when their own government came to take them.
  • Some students and associates are smiling and laughing, with all appearance as crisis actors (herehere). More on crisis actorsherehere.
  • Further helpful analyses hereherehere.

Evidence of scripted narrative using kids as mouthpieces

1 minute of David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez seemingly having difficulty with rehearsed lines:

Motive: disarming Americans before we awake to ongoing illegal rogue state empire

As a National Board Certified Teacher of US history, economics, and government, my ongoing contribution is to place current events in historical context of ongoing OBVIOUS crimes as US .01% business as usual. The ongoing costs are millions killed, billions harmed, and trillions looted.

When informed of the facts, anyone not demanding .01% arrests are mind-controlled to normalize rogue state empire. 

Let’s review highlights of the most important facts:
War law isn’t the only casualty as the .01% have provided “leadership” for the destruction of nearly all rights lawfully guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights within the US Constitution, and in Orwellian inversion of limited government

This satire from The Onion is closer to truth than what our lying sacks-of-spin "leaders" and corporate media bury us under.

Answer: demand .01% arrests for annually killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions

The categories of crime include:

  1. Wars of Aggression (the worst crime a nation can commit).
  2. Likely treason for lying to US military, ordering unlawful attack and invasions of foreign lands, and causing thousands of US military deaths.
  3. Crimes Against Humanity for ongoing intentional policy of poverty that’s killed over 400 million human beings just since 1995 (~75% children; more deaths than from all wars in Earth’s recorded history).
US military, law enforcement, and all with Oaths to support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, face an endgame choice:
In just 90 seconds, former US Marine Ken O’Keefe powerfully states how you may choose to voice “very obvious solutions”: arrest the criminal leaders (video starts at 20:51, then finishes this episode of Cross Talk):
3-minute videoPolice, Military – Was your Oath sincere?


I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History (also credentialed in Mathematics), with all economic factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences (and here). I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.

Carl Herman worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at Carl_Herman@post.harvard.edu

Note: My work from 2012 to October, 2017 is on Washington’s Blog. Work back to 2009 is blocked by Examiner.com (and from other whistleblowers), so some links to those essays are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to http://archive.org/web/, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive (blocked author pages: herehere).


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  2. False. I filed a FOIA and the permit was applied for on 2.21.18

    1. You're full of shit if you expect us to believe your testimony. Show proof or be as reliable in testimony as the rest of our .01% "leaders."

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