Sycophants for psychopaths: 14 minutes of two videos showing purpose of public education (+ corporate media) is creating stupefied work animals for ongoing illegal neocolonial rogue state empire serving .01% lying parasites annually killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions

Everything I have to help, in my comment to Prince Ea’s brilliant 8-minute artistic question and response to “What is school for?” (followed by video):

This is awesome and true. I'm a Harvard-educated, National Board Certified Teacher, credentialed in two subjects, and with two Los Angeles Mayors recognition my teaching was among the best among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A. My professional conclusion of what school is for: to stupefy children to become work animals for an ongoing illegal rogue state empire that can only exist if the public accepts basic lies. Here's my series of essays to document and prove this: 

Here's my essay series to document and prove the US is a lying, illegal rogue state empire and Orwellian-opposite of limited government under the US Constitution (with videos: 

And just to leave you with only three among many helpful areas of proof: my peer-reviewed paper from Ph.D professionals at The Claremont Colleges they requested to publish as a beacon of truth: 

Public education's response to these Truth Bombs? 

Despite producing learning on peer-reviewed and approved Algebra 1 tests with average student success of GPA over 3.00 in a district where ALL OTHER TEACHERS' FAIL 50% OF THEIR ALGEBRA 1 STUDENTS, I am under constant attack of my professionalism (they don't seem to like obvious data that algebra is for 99%+ of us who will never use such formulas in work a "logic puzzle" to count numbers based in symbolic language that 99%+ will forget and never use again). 

But this is nothing to "attacks" of all kinds coming at our vulnerable student children from an upside-down class of .01% "leaders" pushing them through the torture of public education, then the torture of a "developed" world needing to attack, invade, and occupy resource-rich nations because "they harm children" as these "leaders" renege on all promises to solve the most fundamental problems like poverty (ok, I lied, here is proof the end of poverty has been promised with EASY SOLUTIONS since 1969, which is of course never ever ever ever ever taught in school): 

If I can help:

Next School’s sharp “6 problems with our school system in 6 minutes”:

My professional peer-reviewed and Claremont Colleges’ published paper explaining, documenting, and proving corporate media is the same type of stupefaction for adults.

I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History (also credentialed in Mathematics), with all economic factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences (and here). I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.
Carl Herman worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at

Note: My work from 2012 to October, 2017 is on Washington’s Blog. Work back to 2009 is blocked by (and from other whistleblowers), so some links to those essays are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive (blocked author pages: here, here).


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