Ancient alien history: yes, you should look given ‘official histories’ about everything important are EASILY proven lies, AND there’s an evidentiary bridge proving superior lost technology in literal rock-solid evidence

“There are three scales of intelligence, one which understands by itself, a second which understands what is shown it by others, and a third which understands neither by itself nor on the showing of others.”  
~ Niccolò Machiavelli. The Prince, Chapter XXII, page 172 (London: Oxford University Press, 1913) Translated by Ninian Hill Thomson

In appreciation of all researchers as a humble scholar learning and sharing. I strongly advise neutral Internet search engines; not Google (I use duckduckgo).

I promise this investment of time helpful to comprehensively answer fundamental questions of who humans are, what our history really is, when this history began, where we’ve come from, and other contextual facts to assist with the subjective question of why.

This essay has five parts, with links in each section to document factual claims:
  1. Recent so-called “history” (his story) taught in public schools and corporate media is .01% propaganda to support ongoing .01% illegal and lying rogue state empire using humans as work animals, with intent to cull the sheeple herd to minimal numbers. This is easy to prove. Therefore, importantly and obviously, you shouldn’t be surprised that all actual history is unimaginable.
  2. There is abundant evidence of ancient technology superior to “modern” capacities. There are compelling scientific proofs that previous human civilizations experienced extinction-level asteroid or comet collisions starting and ending the Younger Dryas ~12,000 years ago.
  3. There is abundant historical evidence of “official” theories being overturned by new evidence, with many of Earth’s brightest and educated minds confident about facts to explore what “officials” smear as “wacky conspiracy theories” in the present.
  4. Historical summary of testimony and objective evidence for Ancient Alien presence on Earth. 
  5. Video presentations to explain Ancient Aliens leading to possible disclosure to humanity.
Let’s look.

1. Recent history versus .01%’s “his stories”

Explore the links for explanation, documentation, and proof beyond reasonable doubt for all factual claims:
  • Public education’s “official” curriculum abundantly lies in omission and commission in all subjects to obscure history into Disneyfied fantasy that “good” American “leadership” is “winning” an ongoing struggle to bring “freedom” to the world from “evil-doers.” 
  • Actual US history is expanding Orwellian-illegal rogue state empireThis is easily demonstrated by adding a few objective data points, and pointing out a few obvious lies of commission. “Official” history isn’t innocent error, but intentional propaganda to hide American empire (link includes video discussions with Professor Jim Fetzer to fully explain and document this game-changing evidence).
  • Corporate media is propaganda to “teach” adults.
  • Empires loot, plain and simple. American sheeple are, of course, targeted and looted by the tens of trillions. Monetary reform and public banking are two reforms documented since Ben Franklin wrote about colonial Pennsylvania operating without need to tax. Benefits of these two reforms are ~$1,000,000 per US household. You literally have nothing more valuable to learn, and must, or you can kiss your assets goodbye to “required austerity.” Economic solutions for a world that works for everyone with no-one left out have been documented since Bucky Fuller over 50 years ago.
  • In summary, the US is not limited government under a constitution, but systematically removing rights once asserted as God-given and secured by government to defend Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness. US military and government employees are Oath-bound to recognize illegal and lying empire, refuse to obey illegal orders (there are no lawful orders for illegal Wars of Aggression), and arrest those who issue them.
  • It gets worse: 
    • our “leaders” have poverty and war-murdered over 400 million people in just the last 25 years, harmed billions, and looted tens of trillions
    • The .01% "leaders" of "former" colonial/slave powers and "developed" nations promised the end of poverty since 1969 at global summits, with less than 1% GNI investment (a fraction of colonial looting) for a total ~10-year project for ~$1 trillion (about what the US annually invests for military). The 400+ million poverty deaths just since 1993 is more than deaths from all wars and violence of any kind in all human history
    • The ongoing reneged promises to end poverty with lying corporate media complicity (see this astounding disinformation from the NY Times) means our "leaders" prefer unimaginable suffering and death rather than technically-simple solutions. 
    • When challenged, they assassinate threats such as President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, and hundreds more
    • Our .01% opponents overthrow democracies challenging global empire: 80+ since World War 2
    • They engage in democide: murder by government to keep our numbers low and weak through fluoride, vaccines, GMO non-foods, and many other attacks on our vitality (explore). 
    • A dark, deep topic on its own: they are pedophiles
This is relatively modern history I have personally researched as a professional historian to explain and document. I am absolutely confident of the comprehensive factual accuracy in the above links that anyone can independently verify, and will eagerly debate anyone who challenges. This documentation is the product of 41 years now in civic activism, academic study, and professional practice. This includes 18 years working with both parties' "leaderships" for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty that led to two UN summits for heads of state, with good news that ~90% of the thousands of Members of Congress we worked with keeping their word to vote full-funding to end poverty, and ~10% in "leadership" positions who would only and always lie and renege on all promises (including all Bushes and Clintons). My personal conclusions:
  • Earth suffers from ongoing rogue state empires for .01% parasitic and psychopathic domination, with the US as the current leading neocolonial power.
  • These lying leaders want poverty to force humans into serving the empire rather than suffer the fate of those not serving for slave-level wages.
  • Humanity is in an Emperor's New Clothes moment (more analogies here): so many messengers are pointing and clearly voicing these facts anyone can see who cares to look, and for now the psychopathic parade of evil continues.
Because .01% testimony about history is proven as lies coming from Orwellian anti-leaders (or real leaders for evil/loveless self-service), rational people must reject any other testimony from them as unreliable. 

This should be obvious.

It should also be obvious that people competent to live with freedom must demand .01% arrests for ongoing crimes annually killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions.

2. Cosmic collisions ending superior technology ~12,000 years ago

If we want to uncover who and what humans really are, we must consider ancient history because of literal rock-solid evidence for ancient Earth civilization(s) with technologies greater than “modern” capacities. While I have invested hundreds of hours in professional exploration of this fascinating ancient history, I have not committed the upgraded and time-consuming work to professionally research sufficient connected areas for comprehensive context, synthesis, and organization into documented work for public benefit.

I can, however, present compelling examples to demonstrate ancient technology proving what we’re told by “officials” are lies. There are enough examples for thousands of pages. These three brief examples are literal rock-solid ancient technology that demonstrate:
  1. Anti-gravity or superior lifting and transport machinery, 
  2. superior tools for faster and more precise megalithic construction,
  3. symmetrical precision impossible for hand-guided work and not yet attempted at the scale in these examples with modern computer-guidance. 
That is, ancient technology worked with materials bigger, faster, and more accurate. This is, by definition, superior technology.

1. Anti-gravity: Phenomenal Travel Video’s 11 minutes of an ancient ~1,000 ton statue current technology could only recently lift, but can not suspend and transport up a 438 foot rocky hill so steep it requires stairs. The statue has apparent perfect symmetry; not possible without computer guidance. The statue might be much older than the ~1,000 years claimed:

Bright Insight’s 4 minutes of a 1,200 ton Egyptian obelisk, and the modern difficulty of suspending and transporting a 340 ton stone to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2012 when technology could achieve this:

Brien Foerster’s first 5 minutes of Baalbek’s ~1,000 ton building stones:

To understand how massive modern-day machinery needs to be in order to lift 1,000 tons, watch this for two minutes starting at 7:02:

2. Superior tools: Brien Foerster’s 7 minutes of ancient cutting tools superior to today, including drills with cutting speed literally 500 times faster than modern equipment:

Phenomenal Travel's 7 minutes on ancient drill holes to split granite in India, only possible today with high-speed diamond-tipped drills or similar technology:

Bright Insight’s 5 minutes on 100 ton Egyptian granite boxes that expert machinist Chris Dunn reports (bio here) that the four precision granite companies he contacted cannot duplicate, and are perfectly square.

Sierra H’s fascinating 8 minutes of further megalithic anomalies:

Brian Foerster's 11 minutes on proof of high technology in Peru:

3. Symmetrical precision: losttechnologies’ 4 minutes of perfect symmetry on the statue of Ramses with embedded mathematical proportions including Pythagorean triangles, Fibonacci sequence, and Golden proportions. Chris Dunn explains such precision is not possible without advanced technology.

This mostly vanished civilization, perhaps just one of several, was apparently destroyed exactly when and as Plato described (among hundreds of great flood mythologies) for Atlantis by cosmic collision on Earth ending the Younger Dryas ~12,000 years ago (17-minute video on a compelling location of Atlantis precisely matching Plato's description). Bright Insight’s efficient 10-minute overview with five areas of proof:

I recommend Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson’s 3 hour interview by Joe Rogan for a more complete briefing:

Randall and Joe summarizing the Younger Dryas events in 11 minutes:

3. How far-out our brightest minds think

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds.”  ~ Bob Marley, Redemption Song 

We are taught in public school to encourage creative thinking, and honor courageous breakthroughs pioneered by people like Galileo, Gandhi, and Dr. King. That said, "official voices" also smear such voices when challenging US Empire in our world of the present, such as the CIA inventing the term "conspiracy theory" to avoid direct factual challenges to their propaganda. This specific repeated term was to silence refutations of the "official" JFK assassination claims, which you should explore to prove fully our .01% leader-liars will openly kill challengers (including Dr. King, as proven by their family civil trial verdict that US agents assassinated Martin). This doublethink is typical to apply ethics to areas not challenging .01% power, and apply propaganda when challenged. 

This said, the average American cannot imagine just how creative and out-of-the-box our brightest minds actually think. For examples, did you know this about the co-founders of calculus, Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes? 
  • Newton believed alchemy is possible: what we can simply describe today as God’s math to add and subtract atomic particles to instantly transform one element into another. His literal million words of documentation demonstrate this as the single topic he concluded most compelling, melding science with spirituality, and keeping secret to avoid execution as a heretic (consider Bruno, along with Galileo, etc.).
  • Descartes’ conclusions of mathematics also connected to God, with his attention founding modern philosophy. Take to heart his words how rare it is to encounter open minds, and “official” response to condemn then ban his books:
“But now, after having once and for all put to the test the judgments of men, I here again approach these same questions regarding God and the human mind, and at the same time treat the beginnings of the whole of first philosophy, but in such a way that I have no expectation of approval from the vulgar and no wide audience of readers. Rather, I am an author to none who read these things but those who seriously meditate with me, who have the ability and the desire to withdraw their mind from the senses and at the same time from all prejudices. Such people I know all too well to be few and far between. As to those who do not take care to comprehend the order and series of my reasons but eagerly dispute over single conclusions by themselves, as is the custom for many-those, I say, will derive little benefit from a reading of this treatise; and although perhaps they might find an occasion for quibbling in many spots, still it is not an easy matter for them to raise an objection that is either compelling or worthy of response.”
– Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy, 1641, “Preface to the Reader.” Descartes is considered the founder of modern philosophy, the founder of analytical geometry (which led to calculus), and a founder of the Scientific Revolution. Descartes was well-known in his age, but highly controversial. His work was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church in 1633, and his books put on the Index of Prohibited Books in 1663. The University of Utrecht condemned his work in 1643, where he had previously taught.

Did you know that Einstein spent the most time in research to demonstrate and document that everything is literally connected in a “unified field” (entangled from inception) and this is all “God”?

Did you know Hawking concluded time travel is possible? My wife and I attended a lecture ~1999 where he began with the question, “Why do we remember the past, but not the future?” He stated he was confident it was possible, that he had the equation to demonstrate, but was missing parts that colleagues and he were unable to answer after several years investigation. 

Science is the study of reality, communicated in the language of mathematics, and is regularly advanced despite .01% lies already documented in recent history above. Modern physics admits ~100 failures of current theories to match nature’s data.

If you didn’t know, the Fibonacci sequence connects plants, animals, people, and up to galaxies in this specific mathematical patterning for physical forms. I am also a professional mathematician assuring that your stupefying experiences from math classes intentionally omit such game-changing data. Spirit Science’s brilliant demonstration in 12 minutes:

Professor Scott Onstott demonstrates global secret societies to place these math formulas into physical designs of our most important buildings of governmental power. Scott’s work documents literal thousands of years’ history that human leaders discovered hidden and game-changing knowledge; a foreshadowing of what you can learn if you choose. A taste of hours of professional documentation in a 3-minute conclusion:

Scott’s professional documentation based on decades of academic training, professional experience, and peer-reviewed publications bridges to our final section that Earth’s lost histories include alien presence and involvement.

Never believe anything when objective data demonstrate. 

This relatively brief article is just a taste of much, much more.

4. Rough “Ancient Aliens” historical summary, further testimony, connected objective facts:

I find zero internal or external inconsistencies that humans were captured long ago by an invading alien species, then cultivated as a slave race. This is obviously an extraordinary claim that I support with extraordinary evidence as a National Board Certified History teacher also credentialed in Mathematics, with published research, and with personal history helping shape and present ~300 policy briefs to Members of Congress on ending poverty. 

This means the following summary and video explanation is likely worth your attention, but not presented with the level of certainty from having my hands on all source material.

That said, as always, you have to engage with topics you find of interest to discern objective and independently verifiable facts from unsubstantiated claims, disinformation, and intellectual distortions relatively misunderstood by a messenger.

First: 20 minute game-changing video of professional forensic analysis with X-Ray and CTscan of mummified alien-human hybrid remains to confirm these being exist, and have interacted with humans for literal thousands of years:

This history, as I roughly understand it:
  • US Secret Space Program has discovered solar system artifacts of what they call The Ancient Builder Race that go back 1.8 billion years (no, I don’t know how these are allegedly dated).
  • A few hundred million years ago, a planet in our solar system was destroyed in an interstellar war, the remains of which is our Asteroid Belt, and with evidence from the blasted southern hemisphere of Mars.
  • Xenon isotope mass on Mars is evidence of ancient nuclear war (published and peer-reviewed scientific paper).
  • The few survivors escaped to Earth within the Moon; a hollowed and ancient space ship (evidence refuting “official” claims of what our moon is here).
  • The survivors, named Pre-Adamites, manipulated ancient human DNA to create a slave race. This became a global civilization, with megalithic evidence still on Earth discussed in section 2 above. They established a base on what is now Antartica.
  • Pre-Adamites have elongated skulls, with abundant examples found in skeletons and art. 
  • Pre-Adamites are the “gods” of the Old Testament, and mythology that include Greek and Roman Gods. Note that these religious stories are of an advanced “super power” race who were/are particularly vicious and would fight/war on each other. Haven’t you wondered how and why these beings were so evil? Could they literally be inhuman, without humanity, and heartless compared with ordinary human ontology and physiology?
  • Pre-Adamites redeveloped cosmic weapons of mass destruction, and were attacked again by cosmic enemies. This is the evidence of ancient nuclear wars on Earth (here, here). They were also devastated by Younger Dryas planetary extinction events described in section 2.
  • Surviving Pre-Adamites went underground and became a hidden “priest class” in Egypt. When the Roman Empire captured Egypt, a deal was made for these advanced but evil beings to move their archives and selves to a current stronghold at the Vatican. So-called religious headwear allows these beings to camouflage among non-elongated-skull humans.
  • The Vatican library holds abundant evidence from Pre-Adamite culture.
  • Pre-Adamites use bloodlines to control empires; and have essentially repeated their historical evil that led to planetary destruction. This is the world we see in the present I discussed in section 1.
  • Different evil aliens cut a deal with the Nazis to trade technology for global domination. This breakaway Nazi faction strategically sacrificed Germany to infiltrate and takeover the US via Operation Paperclip, coordinated disinformation, and used threats and attacks to control various “leaderships” in key areas of government, finance, media, education, medicine, and more. This seems to match the US of the present: a neo-fascist empire viewing We the People as human resources to cull and control.
  • The current status includes hundreds of ET groups working with humans in various ways, with a major solar event completing this major ~25,000-year episode of evolution. This is a kind of "harvest" whereby human souls either "graduate" if they've proved themselves more honest and virtuous than not, or return to similar Earthly conditions to again be tested if they value truth and virtue for everyone rather than selfish material gain as hidden and lying parasites.
  • A combination of Divine/ET interventions with human networks scrambling to reveal and end Earth’s evil empire(s) have ascended to be on the verge of victory. This has led to ~60,000 sealed federal indictments.
5. Videos of Ancient Aliens to modern history

I had originally viewed and shared David Wilcock’s 90-minute presentation to 2018 Contact in the Desert, followed by a 60-minute panel discussion. These fascinating discussions were removed from YouTube for copyright infringement. I've read David's last three books, which I highly recommend, and find no internal nor external inconsistencies. From David's channel, publicly shared discussions on evidence and testimony of ancient aliens:

Edge of Wonder's plausible 16 minutes of how we went to the moon: Cold War back-up film on Earth was substituted to cover-up discovery that the Moon is an ancient base populated with many ETs. We went to the Moon with fuel technology "for liftoff show", then ET technology:

Space industrial applications consultant David Adair (and here) in a sharp 26-minute interview on game-changing moon facts:

I also recommend David Icke's work. I've read three books, attended a full-day presentation, and have invested perhaps 50 hours with his videos over ~10 years. From among his last full-day presentations, here's an excellent and comprehensive view of his 30+ years' work:

Want more?

I've personally inspected and fully recommend all of the following:

Professor Jim Fetzer's 54 minutes documenting evidence of faked "moon mission" photos, and other Emperor's New Clothes obvious "official" lies regarding US moon travel. Another excellent video presentation here with Scott Henderson for ~90 minutes with literally ~50 game-changing proofs.

Documentary evidence of giants here, here, here; videos herehere, here, here

Crop circles are not man-made, as proved by over a dozen game-changing facts.'s documentation of UFOs, including excellent documentaries.

Best-selling author Jim Marrs' Alien AgendaRule by Secrecy, and Our Occulted History.

Phenomenal Travel Videos' 5-minute video of ancient Indian carvings and history of shape-shifting reptilian aliens. Reptilian-type beings are recorded in India for at least 2,500 years.

Dr. Robert Schoch of Boston University explaining in 15 minutes that the Sphinx in Egypt is tens of thousands of years old.

Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project, and especially his near-four-hour brief: UFOs and the Deep National Security State.

Forbidden Archeology by Cremo and Thompson.

DNA tests of fossilized body parts of giants confirmed as human: 36-inch left palm translating to ~50 foot living being (~40 minutes of 43-minute video).

An excellent 22 minutes of additional proofs of alien influence to alter early human DNA. I recommend their whole channel: Universe Inside You.

Powerful evidence for reincarnation here; video here, which helps to have a much broader interpretation of Life and what is possible over greater periods of time.

I've watched over 100 Project Camelot interviews over the last dozen years; some are far beyond what I am factually confident to prove, and some close enough for me to conclude the information is highly plausible. All have been of interest.

I've watched perhaps a dozen excellent documentaries from Gaia.

Edge of Wonder's sharp 7 minutes of a 6-inch apparently alien mummy scientifically verified as an authentic previously living being.

Above Majestic, a 2018 documentary on secret space programs and related intelligence, as well as an endgame of .01% arrests. David Wilcock's article to explain, and 2-minute trailer:

A bonus 5-minute analogy that perhaps humans will find unimaginable cooperation and friendship when we earn a place above being fooled by relatively juvenile and transparent trickery. Pingu goes fishing:

More bonus: 16 minutes of crop circles:

I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History (also credentialed in Mathematics), with all economic factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences (and here). I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.
Carl Herman worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at

Note: My work from 2012 to October, 2017 is on Washington’s Blog. Work back to 2009 is blocked by (and from other whistleblowers), so some links to those essays are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive (blocked author pages: here, here).


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