Purpose of evil on Earth? More evil = easier for souls to evolve because fierce competition demands work; less evil = harder for souls to evolve because livin’ is easy

From what I see and sense, Earth is in a completion phase:
  • The historically-hidden realms of rogue state empires existing on lies played upon human limitations are being revealed.
  • Those of us relatively awake play important roles illuminating crucial objective facts, as best we’re able among stupefied humanity bred and conditioned to obey their wanna-be masters.
  • The point of completion is not “victory for good” but choices of who individuals say they are: either electing psychopathic domination only possible in the dark, or entering the light where all is seen and psychopathic lies/tricks fool no one.
Importantly, almost all human ideals conclude Earth was/is never at any risk because God/One/All is not fooled by evil’s lies and shallow material promises, but God created evil in love for purposes difficult for limited human minds to grasp. Difficult, but I think we can try to understand evil’s purpose, and should, so I will try (various other attempts listed at the end of this essay):

A transparent-domed large kitchen with 360º view of incredibly-beautiful tropical foliage with one side gently sloping to a black-sand beach with turquoise ocean. Stunningly elegant technology reveal intelligence, beauty, and evolutionary victory to thrive in harmony with nature. Around a kitchen table are three beings: an adult male and female exuding vitality and virtue, with their teenage boy, Adam, uncomfortable as the subject of the adults’ full attention.

Language warning: this story includes vocabulary you’d expect if you were to be sent to Earth to live as a human :)

Mom: I don’t know what else to do for you, Adam. What do you have to say about your latest lack of motivation?

Adam: What’s the big deal? Not everyone has to go to space camp or some other intensive to “work on themselves.” Again, what’s wrong with me just the way I am?

Dad: Not a thing, son. But because you ask, and your mother and I are extremely curious about what you hear and don’t hear, tell us our complete answer to your question, please.

Adam: You represent that Life must evolve or be at risk to stagnate. If souls stagnate for too long, they must devolve or be reabsorbed into the One. Our particular lifeform exists as transitory energy frequencies to be unique “on-the-ground” problem solvers perfectly half-way between physical reality operating on sensory perceptions in mortal bodies, and angelic/spiritual existence working energetically and with capacity to visit all lower realms. 

Dad and Mom: the issue is not that I don’t understand. The issue is that I’m not motivated to explore this realm when everything is so beautiful right here and now. 

I know what you’re going to ask next.

Mom: (gentle smile, with a hint of sadness) Yes, and this is the part you’re unable to see from an adult perspective, and will cause your de-evolution or absorption back to pure energy with God unless you choose to “get off your ass” as your father says. But every moment is new, so we ask again our beloved son: what does motivate you?

Adam: (sigh and revealing more discomfort) Again, I don’t know. Why should I be motivated when I’m chillin’ with my friends, exploring all inner beauty with sacred medicinal plants, and no interest to explore evil? I’m a good person, not harming anyone, and with cycles and cycles ahead of me to figure out my motivations. The limited simulations my friends and I play are enough for now.

Dad: (after a pause to check that Adam completed his thoughts) And what else, Adam?

Adam: “Habits shape character. The longer I wait to explore, the less likely I will ever do so. Sometimes one must jump into the water to learn a new world to love, even when we don’t feel like it, or are scared of the water.”

Dad: (genuine full smile and laughter) I told you, honey: he’s ready!

Mom: (pursing lips, worried, deeply looking and sensing her husband): You’re absolutely sure of this step with the young man we’ve birthed and raised?

Adam: (looking back and forth, reaching out with his feelings to sense) What are you planning…? You’ve prepared something for me.

Dad: (grinning) We have, yes. 

The transparent kitchen dome transforms to scenes of Earth: beautiful environments mixed with images of humanity dominated into submission by a .01% class of psychopathic evil. 

Adam: Earth. You want me to “go human” there? Oh, fuck no! I’d rather do space camp or anything than that hell-hole! You enrolled me?

Dad: (full serious mode) Yes, we have. You have anytime in the rest of this 2,000 year cycle to go, so sometime in the next 1,200 years left in it, you’re going to Earth as a human.

Mom: (empathy with firmness) We gave you every chance for tens of thousands of years to initiate your own growth, Adam. We must exercise our responsibility as your parents for you to grow up. 

Adam: (regrouping in relatively unimaginable maturity compared with human teens) You’re both right. I needed something sometime soon, so I may as well go extreme with Earth. (shakes his head with a dark grin) What made you choose Earth for me?

Dad: (deep empathy with tremendous powerful calm) You are my son, Adam. I know everything about you, including your satisfaction where you are on our beautiful realm (kitchen dome dissolves the chaos of Earth and returns to majestic beauty) with friends and family. I also know that you need a kick in the ass to become who you’re meant to be, and that window for growth is here and now. 

Mom: (with gentle humor) I argued for space camp. Or at the most military school. Your father said you’d slide through camp with token effort and results. After both of us thoroughly researching and interviewing other families making this decision, would you like to hear our full reasoning?

Adam: Of course.

Mom: (in seriousness) Yes, Earth is a hell-hole: paradise given to evil for universal discovery of what evil would do given a “home” and how it would evolve. You’ll enter human with zero memories of who you are, where you came from, and be required to exercise intuition to reclaim your true standing we all experience and express here. You’ll face drastic, immediate, and emergency-level choices to side with and embrace virtue to help those tortured and “food” for evil, or choose ambivalence that is your most dangerous risk, or even choose material release by serving evil.

We predict, of course, that you’ll choose virtue, and return home to us firmly on that path with unimaginable discovery for yourself on your own terms of what’s most important for you. (angelic smile and penetrating love) That is worth a lifetime on Earth, Adam, for you to achieve after sooooo long “being confused,” which your father and I conclude is weakness and fear, when Life’s waters are so wondrous and waiting for you to dive in!

It is time, son, for you to grow up. 

It’s just that simple.

Adam: (sighs in growing acceptance) I’ve done “Earth previews” with my friends, and we joke how extreme that place is and that we could do it if we really wanted. What did the families you interviewed say about it?

Dad: Universal approval. Parents were worried, but God never falters, of course. ~95% of the kids stepped-up with unimaginable virtue, with ~5% defeated into further apathy or joining evil. The losers revealed character traits that would have ended in similar outcomes later on, with parents learning perhaps an earlier decision would have offered clearer choice before those bad habits became fatally comfortable. 

And yeah, we all can see and feel your strong heart and spirit, Adam. We empathize with your love for harmony in this current existence, and (angelic grin) everybody must grow up. 

It’s time for you to become an adult angel, boy. 

Are we seeing this from the same perspective now?

(Mom is tearing with love for Adam)

Adam: (chuckle of lingering resistance to accept adult responsibility, and habits of lazy paradise) Yes. You’re right. And Earth? (slightly fuller laugh) Well… diving into the water is the fastest way in, isn’t it? 

(long sigh, biting lower lip)

Ok. Thank you. I did need a kick in the pants. This will be good. Maybe I can get my friends to join me.

Dad: (eyebrows raised with interest) That would be great. You know their parents and we’ve been in discussion.

Adam: (genuine respect) Wow. And all of us were clueless. You adults are good. Yeah, I can get them in. They won’t like me bragging about going first. 

Mom: (tentative joy) May I include the parents now?

Adam: Sure.

Mom closes her eyes to send a telepathic link to the parents of Adam’s friends. The transparent dome becomes a representation of eight sets of parents beaming delight and trepidation. The scene fades back to privacy.

Adam: Ok! I hope you’re prepared for all of us to move on this. Once I make the challenge, someone will “angel-up” and volunteer to dive immediately; perhaps even today. Of course, that will inspire the rest of us to go.

Dad: (grinning with a hint of trepidation) Of course. That’s my boy. You know that you’ll incarnate apart from your friends in all probability, won’t know each other at all, but should meet each other in important opportunities to develop intuition and synergy.

Adam: (good-hearted mocking) I’m not stupid. We’ve done the previews. We’ve talked a lot about this. It’ll be hard, no doubt. But don’t worry: I’ll make you proud.

Mom breaks with loving sobs to embrace Adam. 

Mom: (recovering into amazing love and gentle seriousness) We know you will. We love you so much, and will send as much support as Earth allows. We’ll always be with you, and you’ll be our favorite evolutionary star to bond with, observe, and support!

Dad: You’ll be fine, Adam. You’ll grow more than you can imagine. Previews, you’ll discover, are nothing next to the real experience when your memory is wiped and all you have is choice in a realm where evil crushes virtue actively and openly. You’ll be forced to scramble. You’ll find strength and virtue as you choose more and more to be of service. 

You’ll become a man on Earth, and adult angel here. 

Now: about that 5% failure rate.

(Adam rolls his eyes; Dad notices, snorts)

“Fools rush where angels fear to tread.” Ok, bright boy, you tell us about the failures from Earth.

Adam: (not missing a beat) Those who fall to apathy or evil have two choices: either repeat a whole 26,000 year cycle to fully learn those lessons, or join evil for the full red team experience.

Dad: And you could just quit and be reabsorbed into the One. 

Mom: (even as evolved as she is, is visibly shaken by this prospect) Mighty angels have fallen, Adam. Don’t be over-confident.

Adam: I won’t quit. 

Dad: (rising to his full energetic expression with history of a mighty warrior, saintly lover of Creation, and master of “Dad jokes”) We’ll see, Adam. Don’t be cocky; you’ve been lazy with those ingrained habits for far too long. Your mother is right: even the mighty have fallen on Earth.

Adam: Whatever. If I fall, it’s what’s needed for me to get my head straight. I won’t turn evil; that’s too rude. I’ll get to work when I’m there and see the competition for myself.

Dad: (leaning in) You might not win, Adam, as far as virtue triumphing over evil. Earth’s Gods will place you. You might spend a lifetime striving for virtue in an environment that will almost entirely attack you. You’ll be stretched to connect back to God more than you can possibly imagine. All the families we interviewed said so.

Adam: Yeah, and they also said all the kids knew where to turn for comfort. I won’t be alone, no matter how much it looks that way to human senses. I will be forced to work, but hey (shrugs), you’re right, it’s time for me to grow up and get to work on something.

Mom: (again breaks down in love) We’re so proud of you, honey, and know you’ll make your best choices. We’ll be with you.

Dad: Not that you’ll notice, but we will be. The dads will be betting: if Andrew’s in, I’m betting he’ll gain the most evolution.

Adam: (stunned) What?! Oh, hell no, Dad. It’s on. I’ll help Andrew grow the most he can, but you’re losing that bet. 

Dad: (standing to circle around the table and Adam in challenge) Andrew’s more focused than you, smarter than you. You won’t beat him. Just get your ass back here in one piece so you’re not on Earth for another 26,000 years.

Adam: (smiling fully, pointedly remaining sitting in confidence) Ok, Mr. Angel. I’ll inform my friends and be the first to volunteer. Today. Andrew’s starting in at least second place. 

Mom looks in alarm to Adam, then with sharper edge to Dad.

Adam: (in compassion for his parents, especially his mother) You both got what you wanted. Thank you for the inspiration. I’m on it.

Dad: That was disturbingly easier than I thought…

Mom: (regroups) Today? Please, Adam, certainly inform your friends and volunteer to dive first, if you wish. But let’s get all the accepting families together for a celebration and meal before you go?

Adam: (considering) Yes, of course, you’re right. This is a big deal, and we should celebrate and connect for this challenge.

Dad: Still betting on Andrew.

Adam: And I’ll never let you live that down after I win. (both grin at each other, then fully embrace in loving hug) Time’s wasting (closes his eyes to telepathically communicate with his friends; the open dome dissolves to all families. The children hide their shock at the news, near-instantly accepting the challenge in light of such an important all-inclusive audience giving their full attention)

Mom: This is happening so quickly!

Dad: Power of angels, Babe. 

Mom: “Fools rush in.” 

Dad and Adam: (in full humor) We’re angels. What could possibly go wrong?

Evil exists only BECAUSE God wants it, creates it, and allows it

Evil is an ambigram of Live; a poetic exhibition that Life requires initial duality to distinguish one quality from what it isn’t:
  • we only know the light from having darkness,
  • we know pleasure only from also knowing pain,
  • we know good only from knowing evil.
Because evil exists, God must be its creator. If God creates it, it must be for some good purpose. Before we consider what evil’s purpose might be from an all-powerful and loving God, let’s be clear how much evil has been allowed on Earth at this time. A brief part in four paragraphs of what hundreds of insiders communicate as best we can imagine for public consideration:

“After 41 years of civic activism to end empire-imposed povertyhistory-endured, and Orwellian-illegal Wars of Aggression started with lies known to be lies as they were told, and have truth in media and education, I conclude the role of the awake has been to offer fundamental choices to We the People for standing for virtue or kneeling to evil in either willful complicity or willful disconnection from our Brothers and Sisters’ enslavement as work animals, “food” and sadistic entertainment for evil. 

I do my best to artistically represent the human condition here.

The cost of Earth’s ongoing tragic-comic psychopathic empires include annually killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions

This said, our window of choice seems to be concluding (and here)."

And just because I feel my own contribution is becoming more connected to artistic rather than purely academic self-expression, here is that body of work:
“Interview” series:
Satire series:


I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History (also credentialed in Mathematics), with all economic factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences (and here). I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.

Carl Herman worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at Carl_Herman@post.harvard.edu

Note: My work from 2012 to October, 2017 is on Washington’s Blog. Work back to 2009 is blocked by Examiner.com (and from other whistleblowers), so some links to those essays are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to http://archive.org/web/, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive (blocked author pages: herehere).


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